Workout Partner Hacks That Can Unlock 50% Of The Selling Online Combination

This one process will get you 50% of the combination to selling things online. This is how to help people get crystal clear about their business.
  1. Find the Right Traffic

    You will need to find the right people that already want what you are selling to find your offer and buy what you have at any level.
  2. The Right System

    Once You Find The Right People, You want to get them involved in the right process that will get them engaged into their business full bore, right away. Within 24-48 hours.
  3. Workout Partner Calls or Contacts Them

    This takes the pressure off of you to have to do new member calls or contacts. Your work out partner will do them and sort through the people that say they want to be successful from those that are going to be successful by moving forward quickly in their business. They are ALL IN, in mind, finances and spirit.

    Most will quit, when they find out what is involved to be in an online business.

    But, there are those crazy few that must have success or more success( the best people to talk to) more than the air that they breathe. Success is more important to them than the air they breathe.  These are the people that will be successful.

    Workout partner calls sort through he many that sign-up to find the few that are serious.  Then the coaching calls will teach the few that are serious how to sort out the many.

    Do anything else in your network marketing business and you will lose money.

  4. Use Google Documents

    This will allow you to share the file that shows your workout partner’s progress. It is the place to keep track of who is serious, what they said, and what needs to be done next.
  5. Google Email

    email every new member of your workout partner’s team giving them the following:

    1) Welcome them to your workout partner’s team
    2) give facebook links for both you and your workout partner, as people will feel comfortable reaching out to either you or your workout partner.
    3) Include your Google Voice Number so they reach you by friending you or they reach your workout partner.

    The idea here, is that they see what success your workout partner is having and posting on facebook. Even if they do not get involved in the business, drip marketing their success will help convert lookey-loos and tire-kickers into customers.

    4) Include your companies income disclosure.

  6. Google Voice

    Using Google Voice is a great way to add a second contact attempt to your  workout partners new member.

    In this contact attempt, just refer them to the fact, by using their phone number in a text message feature of Google Voice, that you sent them, you and your workout partner’s, contact info, and that you need to set up their “team profile.”

    In this profile you keep in Google documents in a spreadsheet,  you keep all records of the text conversation on facebook with the 8-10 Workout questions you send via Chat message in facebook or you that you ask by phone or Google Hangout.


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