Workout Partner Sales Conversion Calls or Facebook Chat System






These questions will work for your workout partner’s new members to help them get crystal clear about their business.

Step One: get a new member into your front-end offer.  The products teach you how to do that. These are customers of theirs, respect that fact and they will respect yours.

Step Two: send out a welcome email and a text message using Gmail and Google Voice respectively. Tell them you are your workout partners assistant( as your are and he or she is yours) and you need to do a new member call or chat with them on facebook.  It takes between 5 to 20 minutes, easy questions to set up their team profile.

Step Three: wait for them to contact your workout partner or You( it happens both ways)

Step Four: move on to the next person.  Your goal/outcome is to help two people each day that have joined your workout partners business get crystal clear about how they will run their business.  These questions will help them make decisions about their business.  You are just an observer and recorder of those decisions.

Step Five: Listen more than you talk. Do not make a statement until the end of the conversation.  Statements allow the new member to put what you say, into one of two places in their mind:

1) I believe that statement

2) I do not believe that statement


These questions and this whole system, can be found in a couple of the Empower Network products:

  • Fast Start Training – available to everyone of your viral blogging customers
  • The Viral Blogging Academy – Ask me about that product when you join.
  • The ALL IN Library – This is available to all customers that own all of the core products:


If you want to know how to use these questions watch the lessons in those products.  It is all there.

These are the questions your workout partner should ask of your new members.  They will drastically increase your sales conversions and then they will use them to do the same for you.


Get yourself a workout partner 

Find your workout partner at the next event



Questions allow the new member to think about the answer. 

If they do not want to answer questions about their business there is no way for you to help them.  It needs to be a collaborative process. 

You are working together to find the best solution to their problems.  

One thing you know for certain is that your customers and prospects always have one of the following problems or they would not have purchased the front-end offer from your workout partner:

1) They are in real pain in their life, usually financial,  but it can be lack of time as well

2) They are in fear they will be in pain

3) They have an unfulfilled gain they need to accomplish that they have not figured out on their own

4) They may have an impending life event.

 They are free to run their business any way they see fit.  It is their business.   

I tell them to go get a refund if they still can by the time they reach you, if they give me any “push back.” 

Or, if they try to monopolize the conversation.  Leaders will do that.  We are looking for people to be coach-able and trainable.  They need to be able to follow directions.  

You know they need what your workout partner is selling or they wouldn’t be customers of theirs already.

Help them understand that, nicely.   Take the opportunity away from them if they are not cooperating with the team profile set up questions.  You do not have time for difficult people, there are too many people you can really help. 

Some of these ideas were learned from my mentor Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of The Samurai Business Group and by using the products, all of them, in Empower Network. 

Which ones should you purchase?   All of them, you deserve them all.  It is the combined knowledge you gain from using all the products, that makes you valuable to your marketplace, your customers and to your business for the future.


These are the questions you will use for each member verbally or in a chat message.  I prefer both as each has it’s own pluses and minuses to think about when choosing which method you will use:

a.) phone allows them to hear the inflection in their voice and you can listen to theirs. But it is harder to take notes to give to your workout partner afterward when you’re done.

b.) facebook or Google voice chat, allows you to copy and paste the notes they type in a document or chat window in facebook afterward.  But, you do not get the personal touch as easily. It is still possible.  Keep them safe emotionally always and be encouraging, be a cheer leader when they make a decision that is tough.  Way To Go! That kind of thing.  Some people based on personality types will appreciate that and others it will be like, “whatever.”  It is always better to be positive. 



Here Are The Questions You Can Use

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1) Of all the ways there are to make money in the World why choose network marketing?

 Note: you find out if they like network marketing or have struggled with it right away


2) What Do You do for a living now and how much do you make each month?


Note: This is where they may delay or push back.  You can not help them if they do not get clear.

3) What is the most you have ever made in a month?


Note: This helps them and you see what their sphere of reference is when it comes to money.  Price and money sends a message.  It is not what you think about money.  It is what they think about it.  You may think $20,000 is a lot of money but to someone that has millions is it?  That is for them to decide.

4) How much do you want to be making each month in your business?


Note: This is a financial outcome the are setting for themselves.  Notice I said outcome not goal.  An outcome has steps to follow from where you are to achieve where you want to go.  A goal can be shot at and missed.

5) How many hours each day are you able to build your business?

Note: Are they serious or not? Either is fine with you, you are just an observer and make no judgements.  If they are not serious, there is someone else who is, NEXT!

It is important to think this way.  The second you value one customer too much they will smell blood in the water, you will appear needy to them, and they will get nervous.  You need to have them be in charge of their decisions of how they are gong to run their business.  You are an observer only, helping them get clear.


6) If (insert your workout partners name here) shows you exactly how to make( state the income outcome they stated/month) will you follow his or her steps exactly or do you think you already know how to do it?  We do not want to get in your way.

 Note: They need to hear or see themselves type the words that they will follow your workout partners instructions or steps


7) How much do you think or feel you need to spend in total in products, tools and resources to hit your outcome of( state their outcome/month?)

Note: many people spend too much online to learn the secret when there is not secret .  Many people spend too little thinking it is a lottery.  Neither method works.  You must treat your business like a business and provide about 10x’s the value from the price they paid.


8) How much have you set aside for an advertising and marketing budget?


Note: They must treat their business like a business. Businesses all businesses have exspenes for marketing and advertising or no one knows they are there online.  All businesses have monthly expenses for the tools that it takes to do online marketing and sales.


9) When you hit your outcome of (state their outcome/month) what will it give you that you do not already have?

Note: This helps them find their WHY they are really investing in their education and building business.  It needs to be strong enough for them to overcome the downturns in the economy and any other hurdles they encounter in their business.  There will always be things to learn, things they will not be good at in the beginning, things they will get better at and things they will eventually overcome, moving to the next level. Then you start unsure all over again at the next level. Persistence is key. Fail Faster.  Try to mess up and fix it and get better at it and move up to the next level over and over.

They are like caterpillars struggling to get out of the cocoon.  Let them out to fast by helping them too much and their business will die and they will be financially hurt.   But, let them struggle and learn how to learn, and learn how to grow to that next level and you will see a beautiful butterfly come out at the end.  They will be that successful business person strong enough to survive while 98% of all other businesses die.

The good news using the leveraged power of the Internet allows more businesses, more like 6-8% to survive and thrive.


Fail Faster


Then always end with this statement:

“Whenever we talk about lifestyle and income we always give the following income disclosure.  Your results will vary. 

To see average earnings updated daily go to your user id here)”


*Warning:  If you use or copy and paste the corporate Empower Network income disclosure link the potential sale when they see the links at the bottom of the income statement will go to another’s account if you do not type in your id.    Always make sure any link you type in character by character is your link leading to your sign-up page.


  Example: will go to my income disclosure link and all subsequent links will be “coded” to my affiliate account.


Income Disclosure February 2015



I didn’t do this for a year.  Don’t make that same mistake. Any of the links on this page above must lead to your affiliate account.


It is still the Internet and you have to use it properly according to how you type the computer code that makes up your affiliate link.

Make sure before you type the code to your link that you clear your browser history.  That way any “cookies” (computer code) will not redirect your prospect to another’s sign-up page by mistake.  If it does it will be your mistake and you will lose that sale to someone else. 

This will happen if you have anyone else’s website open that is in Empower Network.  I’ve seen it happen from numerous blogs I was reading or from videos I looked at from someone’s website that had an Empower Network affiliate account.


Empower Network protects it’s affiliates with strong, computer php coding. Make sure that does not back fire on you.


Then end your conversation with your workout partner’s new member with:


“It has been a pleasure to meet you.”  Or something similar.  I look forward to meeting you at the next event.”

Get their new members thinking about the next event

Your workout partner, if they are going to do this, will help them at the next event.  Events are where people have personal breakthroughs and when that happens your business grows.  When you get your team to events, your team grows and their teams grow and everyone’s business grows.  Get in, get ALL IN, and get your team to the next event with you!



Tell them the next step is to have them use your workout partners schedule link.   We use  Get your schedule link there.  Or use one you prefer. 

Have them do it right away or they may forget or put it off as life gets in the way. 

You simply say, nicely “do that now please” and then have them send back which date and time they scheduled an appointment for their coaching with your workout partner. 

You will wait for their response so you can remind your workout partner of their appointment


Three Bonuses

1) sorting out the many to find the few network marketers

You will always be doing one of two things in this network marketing business.   Sorting through the many that say they are serious about being successful in their lifetime to find the few that truly are serious and willing to do whatever it takes to have success( legally and ethically of course)

 2) 80%/20% rule for online marketing – 80% of what you test on the Internet will fail.  How much are you able to afford that is outside of any living expenses?  This is money that you can afford to throw at your marketing or advertising test and you can lose it all while you learn the science of how to market and sell online. 

How much can you afford to lose for a marketing and advertising budget each month, that will be money that will not harm you or your family( if they have one) if you lose it?

This get’s them to make their first decision about their business.  Only they can do it.  They know their true situation. You are just an observer.  Never make any judgments about what they say or type.  

Be encouraging, acknowledge when they respond with OK, and or I understand, or I see. If you do not understand have them clarify their statements and agree with your understanding, once you get to that point in the conversation

3) delivery of these questions – How you deliver these questions, is as important if not more important, than the questions themselves. 

Some people need to be lead as you can tell, they are asking all sorts of questions, that are not focused and they are all over the place( they are scared and that is understandable if they are in trouble.) Remember, you did not cause the trouble you are just a witness to the results of their actions or lack of actions or life circumstances.  Keep them OK and help them get clear about whether they really are serious about this business.

It is important to them getting clear about their business. Help keep them focused.  Keep them safe send them to support or tutorials, or tell them to “Google it”, or “YouTube it” works too as they can find the answer to just about anything to do with this business by doing that.

Keep in mind if you answer their questions then you are telling them, by default, that they will need to answer the questions of their team members and we are not in business to do that.  The products do that, the tutorials and set up sequence do that, the fast start training,  the level up sequence does that.

Send them to support to get a refund if they are not able to do this business. Let them decide whether to do that or not.  But, you have no access to billing records.

Better to know now when they can still get a refund in the first 14 days than after when they can’t.  It may be that they have the desire to succeed but not the money right now.  These will be the first people to join your workout partner when they do have it.

Getting Crystal Clear or Getting a Refund

4) Tell it like it is. Being in an online, network marketing business takes, hard, smart, work for as long as it takes, to reach your definition of success.  

Other people have done it and they can too, if they are willing to learn this new skill set. 

It is different for everyone. Everyone starts out where they start out.  Each person is different.  You will contact leaders in the industry, and people that are just getting started and every kind of person in between.

 If they are the wrong people for your business, these questions will have them decide that this is not the right business for them and they will go away  

When you become certain of the opportunity you have in front of them these questions work well.

5) Not all calls or contacts will go well. It is part of business.




If you found this page and you want to start your own network marketing business

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2) that any business has monthly expenses

3) you want to use a system that is set up in such a way so all new people have the same chance of success

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