You Are Already A Success You Didn’t Get Stupid Just Because You Got A Business

This message is for anyone thinking about being on my team in Empower Network.  That is all of you as you opted-in to this list.  

I want you to think back, You have successes in your life already.  Think about it.  How did you have that one success in your life, that you are thinking about right now?  What did you do?  What led up to it?  

Did you try things and fail at first or were you an instant success?  Everyone who has ever been successful has failed at first, when trying a brand new thing, unless they were naturals at it like sports.  


This is not sports.  This is a business.  No one comes out fo the womb with business talent.  It is a discovery process.

You have been successful at something in your life, or you wouldn’t be here, even if it was a successful, burning desire to want more out of life.  That is success!  It starts with a decision to want more, to be better.  But that is not enough you have to take action to build on that decision.


I want you to watch this Google Hangout by two people, that are multi-million dollar earners in Empower Network, that are telling the truth to you about how to really build your business.


Do not do what I did.  I spent a lot of money to have other people, over the last 8 months, help me get leads.  I found out the wrong ways and some of the right ways to generate leads and sales in this business.

 You and I can do it for ourselves.  You can too very easily.  David Wood and David Sharpe just gave you the secrets to making money online in this Google Hangout.


Watch this video:


To your success!  Your future is looking very bright!


-Tom Lincoln

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