You Do Not Have To Use High Pressure to Sell Any of These Products.

I actually hate the word sell, even though that is what we do. Actually I love selling and always have, but most people do not they have images of high pressure salesman, and they shy away from it.

What these people don;t know is that these few sales people, well actually 96% of sales people have been rated as good or poor by people they were selling to.  Only 4% actually are rated as excellent.  That cane from a Study by the Chally Group that I learned about from the Samurai Business Group(Great Leaders) that I will site at the end of this post.  Thise figures are from the corporate World. 

The good news is that the numbers are actually better if you equate making money and being excellent in the eyes of the buyer.  You see you do not get to the top 8% of the people that make money in Network Marketing and are successful unless you give excellent value like the advice I read recently in a post by Sonia Stringer How to Attract and Recruit New Business Builders (Without Feeling Like a Bad Used Car Salesperson)

by SONIASTRINGER on SEPTEMBER 8, 2011  It is a great read, especially if you are a savvy network marketing woman, but it is a great read for men too!  Sorry ladies it is great content!

The better news is you can also make it even easier too by discovering the leveraged power of the Internet Marketing World.

Take the best of the Network Marketing Experts like Sonia and couple it with powerful Internet, affiliate, direct sales and network marketing experience by many many people that have built teams in the thousands and actually have paid out commissions in the 50-60 million dollar range in just two years, and you have one dynamite system that will help any network marketing professional soar their business whatever it is!

Many Network marketers are using this system for their primary business to thrive and they are making residual income and nice sized one Time(OT) payments of upto $3,000 so far.

Each event we go to has stages full of people that have already earned $100,000/month in this business.

If you’d like to know what business this is click the yellow button above and watch the video explaining it.  Then, when your excitement can not be curtailed, one second longer pull out your credit card and join for $25 to start.

You decide once inside how successful you want to be. 

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