You Will Succeed If

You Will Succeed If

I just heard a very inspiring lady on the Inner Circle Audios today as I was keeping one of my eight core commitments, listening to audios daily.  I recently downloaded all the Inner Circle Audios, from my back office and put them on CD’s, or at least as many as I could keep track of, because there are so many of them to download, and I believe they are adding new ones to keep it real and relevant for you.  I can’t wait to get in the car and drive each day to listen to them.

You Will Succeed If

Anyway, I was listening to an older lady, who had been through raising her kids, owning a brick and mortar business, having it fail, going bankrupt, getting a divorce and starting an Internet business outside of Empower Network.

She had been building her business slowly for 10 years.  Now, she is one of the top recruiters in Empower Network, and she is like the 4th(don’t quote me on that only listened to her once so far) highest all time earner in Empower Network.  She got there not by being a Guru, but by being consistent.  Chris Roussleau is a great MC by the way.  You just love listening to the sound of his voice.  He is a real person that is very believable.


You Will Succeed If

I have to admit I thought I was being consistent and building up momentum in my business, and I am here to say I am, but not to the level of this lady!    She said she did not market with high cost paid advertising but with free and low cost list building swaps and other list building services.  She also said that her plan that she carries out daily( I believe) is to get her affiliate links and ads and capture pages in front of 300 places on the Internet daily. I still need to build up to that level. Each day you get better.

I think I am at 160 blogs now since February.  Keep going don’t ever quit.  I had a guy unsubscribe from my list after he saw me speak in Denver in an Interview.   I used to get upset about losing a subscriber to my list and take it personal.  Not any more.  It is good that that person finds theirselves what makes them happy.

Last night I heard a mega -successful Income earner, who gave away his multi-millions in a divorce settlement and started over again only to achieve success again.  He said that his sponsor in that company called him up when he first started, and said, “How you doing?” to which he replied, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”  His sponsor quit soon after  from.  He fired himself, and was never heard fom again.  Our mega-earner, became a mega-super star in another business(not Empower Network) but in the audio I heard he said that his sponsor that quit probably missed out on $3,000,000 because he quit just as he was about to make it.

You Will Succeed If

Don’t Ever Fire Yourself!  On the Internet, and in this business everything you do just adds to the total number of affiliate links with your name and bank account tied to them.  If you quit…….well you get the picture.

I am blogging daily, based on the time of day or night I end up blogging.  Sometimes, I end up finishing at 3 a.m. or 4 a.m., that doesn’t matter.  I am a night Owl.  I am in 380+ facebook groups right now.  I thought I could only be in 300, but I haven’t heard anything from Facebook except to slow down if I am posting my blog too fast.


You Will Succeed If

I have maxed out my 200 per day Twitter follows twice now, so I need to be careful there.  I am learning from MLSP, Daegon Smith, 10,000 Facebook Fans, and others out selling their marketing funnels all leading into Empower Network.  So I realized today that I am on my way, but still just getting started building my marketing funnel.

You Will Succeed If

You will succeed … if you find your marketing method(s) that work fo…You never give up!  You will succeed if you find the marketing and sales method or methods(but pick two or three and focus on them) that work for you.  You will only find what works for you if you try things out and you test and track the results.

Bottom line, and I find that this theme is repeating over and over again with the leaders in Empower Network.  You will succeed if you believe you will.  If you think you can or  you think you can’t you are right-Henry Ford.  Truer words were never spoken

Of course Your Results Will Vary.  Go to /income.php?id=linc1618 for average earnings posted daily.  Or click on this picture:

You Will Succeed If...


You may make more than me or less than me.  One thing is for certain.  There are no guarantees, but you will not make a dime unless you join.  Get in, you’ll be glad you gave yourself a chance.

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